Waheed Rafiq
Software Developer

Coding Projects


An I.T Consultant, who offers a variety of services from Building Networks, to writing Windows Phone Applications. In recent years Waheed has been certified in MCP Server 2012 and Windows 8 Workstation. Additionally, he has successfully completed his Foundation Degree in Computer Science{FDSc} course and obtained a first class. He has also accomplished the Cisco CCNA. He has a vast amount of experience in programming and has currently completed BSc (Hons) in Computer Science with a First . A talented research student in Computer Vision OpenCV , amongst his other skills he is able to write programs in C# , C/C++ , ASP.NET , VB.NET , Java and JavaScript. ‚Äč.

During Waheed Rafiq's ICT Foundation Degree course as part of his degree project, he developed an Ordering Processing System {O.P.S} for a catering company called RZ Mega Foods and Catering Services. The company was using a manual receipt system which has now been replaced by O.P.S. The App is written in C#.

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