About Waheed Rafiq

Waheed Rafiq is a highly adaptable and capable individual with 5 years of software experience, delivering leading applications.
He has worked in the IT industry since the age of seventeen as a self-employed contractor for companies, such as Capita, Strictly Education, and Kalamazoo.

Professional Level

Waheed Rafiq has a proven ability to grasp new ideas and concepts. He has develop innovative and creative solutions to a highly complex problems.
This is displayed in the form of his start-up company BlindX3 Ltd and Odonata Technologies Ltd, of which Waheed Rafiq is a CEO and a Director of Software Engineering. The project was developed in his Foundation Degree course creating a Smart Cane known as ‘XploR’. He has gained a wealth of knowledge in Computer Vision by using OpenCV. Waheed Rafiq is not only a self-motivated and diligent individual, but capable of working under pressure as a member of a team.
During the recent credit crunch, Waheed Rafiq was made redundant; he decided to further his education which is why he is looking to expand an already significant career in software engineering to new opportunities that will prove to be both a professional and personal challenge to him.