Developer Personal Statement

In my previous job at Kalamazoo 19 years ago I trained students in C / C++, with a pass rate of 94%. I come with strong networking backgrounds as I have most of my working life worked as an I.T Consultant self-employed for various local authorities across the UK’s mainly in education sector.
During my degree course I have developed fully database dependent websites which I was graded at 100%. In my second year of the Computer Science course I studied C# and developed two applications for my assignment which were graded at 89%.
During my academic year for Foundation Degree I develop a smart cane known as ‘XploR Cane’ which received an overwhelming media coverage from the likes of CNN, Wired Magazine, Daily mail etc. for which I was awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 award’. I have also help student in my recent mentoring role at Birmingham City University. After graduating on July 30th, 2017, I took a short well deserve break and did some scuba diving within UK. Upon returning from my short break I learnt Java, JavaScript, and currently am learning Angular JS and Android Development via the online training site known as Udemy.
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The kind of attributes that I shall bring to your organisation are good customer service awareness, a team player and most importantly to me is that uniqueness of being able to create and contribute something towards making a great software.